Schedule for Feeding Discus Fish- How Often Should I Feed My Discus Fish?

In the wild, discus fish spend a great deal of their time searching for food. In order to raise healthy discus, it's important to replicate this natural environment as closely as possible. You can't expect your discus fish to thrive if you simply feed them once in the morning before leaving for work.

Instead, try to give your pets smaller portions of discus fish food several times a day. You should opt for about five separate feedings per day. By feeding your fish numerous times a day, you'll cut down on the amount of waste from uneaten discus fish food, which tends to deteriorate very quickly. Not only is it wasteful but food left to rot in an aquarium can lead to a host of health problems for your discus fish.

Don't worry if school or a job commitment requires you to be away from home several hours a day. Feeding discus fish frequently is still possible through the use of an automatic feeder. An automatic feeder can be set to serve your discus 2 or 3 meals during your absence.

Automatic fish feeders come in a variety of styles and price ranges, including battery operated and electronically powered. The feeders are designed to eliminate moisture in order to keep discus fish food fresh and dry. There are even larger sized automatic fish feeders that can be set to provide your discus with food while you're away for the weekend or on a business trip.

Another tip to remember when feeding discus fish is to offer more than one food source each day. Just like humans, discus enjoy and require a healthy well balanced diet. You can't expect your fish to survive on solely dry pellet style food. Mix up your discus fishes meals with a serving of brine fish, frozen bloodworms, or gel style food.


iwan said...

Hello Michele

what kind discus do you have?
In my home, they don't want eat tetra bit or any other pellet, they only want eat bloodworm.
and I think they become in mature and can't reach big size. about 5 ".

iwan said...

They become inmature and reach big size (5")if you give them only tetra bit.

Michele said...

Hi Iwan,

I mainly keep Blue Discus in my aquarium.

Discus can be picky about accepting new types of food. Did you ask the seller if your fish were accustomed to eating dry food? Maybe you could try mixing in another type of food along with the pellets. Besides feeding bloodworms, I have also tried brine shrimp and glassworms.

buy discus online said...

wow... find it interesting... hope it'll be beneficial for me and my friends...

Muhammad Izzat said...

Mine ate only Tetra bits coz they r train to do so even in the pet shop n they rapidly grow... now most of them are 4-5 inch.. i have 12 of them.. but still overfeeding cause me a problem with water quality they turn cloudy easily ... one of my friend said even if u change the water in a large portion often it can cause cloudiness too .. is it true?? i usually change half water every 3-4 days.. is it ok with that or should i cut down the water change? n another think my tank have gravels inside .. they residue from food n fish remain always stuck there .. what should i do .. help me guys..